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Lee County Schools

  Electronic (Fillable) Registration Forms

Please submit completed form(s) to your
school's main office.

Parent or guardian of kindergarten students
must complete both forms.

In order to save the form with your data, save it to your computer first (before filling it out), then open it from your saved location on your computer.  Once filled out, chose "Save As" and give it a new name to keep a copy with all of your typed information.



Tips for Preventing the Reading Summer Slide

   Mission Statement

 The Lee County School System will take a prominent role advocating a progressive education for each student in our schools. The mission of Lee County Schools is to educate every student through a comprehensive and academically challenging curriculum taught in a safe and nurturing environment. We challenge students to pursue dreams, succeed with integrity, and contribute meaningfully to a diverse society.


Vision Statement

The Lee County Board of Education has a responsibility to ensure every student learns at his/her maximum potential and to set standards and expectations for the quality of education through the establishment of graduation requirements, accreditation of local schools, and certification of professionals. The Board of Education, the administration, and the staff of Lee County Schools will continuously focus on: 

·        preparing students for a knowledge-based, technologically enhanced, and culturally diverse 21st century.
·        supporting each student's success in a learning community.
·        ensuring a partnership with families and communities to support student learning.
·        communicating a vision for improving public education for ALL Lee County students.
·        guaranteeing that students have an opportunity to learn the skills necessary for their future, either for jobs or further education.
·        maintaining a strong partnership between the communities and the schools.
·        opening pathways of communication between all groups concerned with education.
·        proactively implementing continuous improvement for grades K-12.
advocating professional development and teacher education programs.