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  • Any student interested in being a part of the 2020-2021 yearbook staff needs to email Mrs. Lee to receive the link for the application.  Students must have a B average and not have any discipline referrals.  Completed applications must be submitted to Mrs. Lee by April 6th.  If you have any questions, please email her at

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  • For students who have been assigned courses on Edgenuity for Credit Recovery/Advancement: You can continue to work on these courses at home. Testing restrictions have been lifted, so you can complete tests at home too. If you come to a test that is locked, please email Mrs. C. Smith and she can unlock it for you.
    For students enrolled in online Access classes: You will need to continue working on your classes at home. You will still be able to communicate with your ACCESS teachers through the D2L email system. During this time, passwords will not be required for assessments.
    For all other courses and for students without home internet access, we anticipate having information regarding how your curriculum will proceed by April 6th. If you do not have home internet/devices, please make sure that you have communicated that information to your Advisory teacher.
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  • The SSHS Department of Theatre is taking applications for the 2020-21 Technical Theatre class. Members of our technical theater team are responsible for not only designing and building all of our theater production sets, but also running the cruise for all events that happen for other programs throughout the school year. There is an after-school requirement as well as an interview that can be done online. If you are not currently in a theater class you can apply online by following this link:

    *Please note that this application is only for students that are not currently enrolled in a theater class. Also this is only for Technical Theater and not the Acting Class. If information on that becomes available it will be posted soon.

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  • Any current 10th or 11th grade student who would like to apply to be an Office Aide for the 2020-2021 school year will need to complete the following application form:
    You must be logged into your school-based Google account to access the form (

    Being an office aide requires flexibility and communication skills. Aides may be asked to complete several errands and perform various office duties in a timely manner while maintaining a professional attitude. The office of Smiths Station High School is a high-traffic area and ONLY serious applicants will be considered.
    Seniors will be given first priority over juniors for office aide positions.
    There will be an average of 3 Office Aides per block/period.
    A credit is earned for this class. This is not a STUDY HALL or FREE TIME!
    The application and 2 teacher references must be completed and turned in by Friday April 24th.
    For teacher references, you will need to email or message the 2 teachers that you select and have them complete the a form (there is a link on the application form to send them)
    Applicants cannot have ANY write ups for MAJOR policy infractions, such as fighting or insubordination to a teacher.
    Applicants cannot have ANY write ups for MINOR school policy infractions, such as excessive tardiness or absences.

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  • Each week in Advisory, our students watch character education videos from a group called The Harbor. Typically, these are copyrighted videos that can only be shown in the educational setting, but The Harbor has produced an open video that they hope will inspire and encourage those who see it. Please feel free to view and share:

    The Harbor has also made several previous videos public that deal with emotional situations and how to handle them. Anyone who would like to can also view these videos, and there are video guides and discussion questions that go along with them in the links.
    Courage – In this Harbor episode, we dissect the relationship between courage, helping others, and our own comfort
    Patience – In this Harbor episode, special guest Aaron Davis teaches up patience is the ability to accept and to delay without getting angry or upset.
    Positivitiy and Social Media - As we all rely on social media to help us pass the time, this Harbor episode provides insight on how we can use social media to create positive impact.
    Self-Reflection – In this Harbor episode, we discuss the importance of self-reflection. Now, more than ever, we are afforded the time for quiet, contemplative self-reflection.
    Solutions > Problems - COVID-19 has given up many problems we could allow to overwhelm us. In this Harbor episode, we talk about the power in focusing on solutions instead of problems.
    Service – In this Harbor episode, host Mike Smith shares insights on how service can change your life and how important it is to find joy in the small moments.
    Fear - We are all afraid of something. In this time we are all afraid of the same thing. We can let fear consume us, or we can use our fear to make positive changes in our own life and in the lives of others.

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  • Smiths Station High School is beginning the process of registration for the 2020-2021 school year.  The Course Selection Guide is available on our school webpage under the "Latest News" section.  Important dates and reminders about registration and schedules will also be available on the school webpage as well as the SSHS Facebook page (

    Course selection and registration is a serious process, and not a task to be taken lightly.  Beginning on Monday, February 24th, counselors will be meeting with students during their History classes to discuss course offerings, courses required for graduation, class prerequisites, and other topics related to registration.  They will also be handing out Course Selection Sheets.  Course Selection Sheets should be completed, signed by a parent/guardian, and returned to the student’s History teacher NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, MARCH 6THIt is important that the courses selected on this sheet are done so with care, as this sets into motion a complex process.  Once choices are made, the master schedule is developed and the school is staffed for the coming year in order to meet that demand.  Students need to understand the importance of the decisions they make when selecting courses and that he/she will live with the decisions they have made.

    Students will be able to view a DRAFT copy of their schedule for next year in late May or early June on their Chalkable/STI Home account.  Understand that this will be a DRAFT schedule.  A student’s schedule may change from May to the time that school starts due to changes in the master schedule.  Students will be offered the opportunity to make schedule changes for elective courses until Friday, July 31, 2020 and for core classes until Friday, August 14th (pending the 2020-2021 school calendar).  Schedule Change Request forms will be available in the main office, as well as online (students may submit in person or online using their school email account).  Any schedule changes will require administrative approval.  Schedule changes requesting a different teacher for the same course will not be considered.  Schedule changes will not be permitted after the deadlines, unless the school has made a mistake in the schedule (this includes during the school year and second semester).  

    Students that do not complete the registration process by the established deadlines and with the required signatures will have all courses selected by his/her counselor or an administrator and will forfeit the opportunity to make any changes.  PLEASE ADHERE TO ALL DEADLINES AND PROCEDURES TO ENSURE THAT YOU RECEIVE A SCHEDULE THAT IS THE MOST BENEFICIAL TO YOUR DESIRED LEARNING OUTCOMES.

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  • AP Exam fees are now due. The price of each regular fee exam is $110.00 and the price of each exam for those who have qualified for free or reduced lunch is $15.00.
    These fees should be given to the teacher of the exam the student is sitting for, given to Ms. Drury in room 201B. If a student is sitting for more than one exam all exams may be paid together. Payments can also be online using PayPams.
    All exams must be paid by April 30th. Anyone who has not paid by this date will be removed from the testing roster and will be billed the College Board restocking fee of $40.00. Please review the student handbook for a list of consequences associated with not taking the exam, for any reason.
    If you have any questions please ask your teacher or see Ms. Drury.
    Testing Schedule:
    May 4th - United States Government and Politics
    May 5th – Calculus AB
    May 6th – English Literature and Composition
    May 7th – Chemistry
    May 8th – United States History
    May 11th – Biology (a.m.)
    Environmental Science (p.m.)
    May 13th – English Language and Composition (a.m.)
    Microeconomics (p.m.)
    May 15th – Statistics (p.m.)
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  • Students: Parking passes will be enforced beginning next week. If you have not bought a parking pass and are parking on campus, you will get a warning sticker 1st offense. Subsequent offenses will result in fines and/or towing. Hang tags must be properly displayed to avoid citations.
    For students who need to purchase a parking pass, forms are available in the front office. The cost is $25.
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  • The Panther Perk is officially open.
    Students can preorder between 8:20-8:40 am. They may pickup their preorders or make regular orders between 9:40-11:00 am. 
    Panther Perk Menu
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  • Sophomore Remind

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  • Credit Recovery will begin Monday, August 19th after school.  The lab will be open from 4:15-6:30 Monday –Thursday. Students will need to attend an initial orientation and receive their log-in information, once completed they may begin working on assignments at home or in the lab.  Quizzes and Tests MUST be taken at school.  Should you have any questions regarding credit recovery you may contact your child’s counselor.  Counselors are in the process of meeting with students now.  


    Mrs. Rowan 10th

    Mrs. Shores 11th

    Mrs. DeLucca 12th     

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  • Attention Seniors:
    If you would like to join SR remind, the sections are:
    SRS with last names A-F text @sr2020a-f to the number 81010
    SRS with last names G-L text @sr2020g-l to the number 81010
    SRS with last names M-P text @sr2020m-p to the number 81010
    SRS with last names Q-R text @sr2020q-r to the number 81010
    SRS with last names S-Z text @sr2020s-z to the number 81010


    Senior Grad Guidelines Page 1

    Senior Grad Guidelines Page 2

    Senior Newletter Page 1

    Senior Newsletter Page 2

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  • Info for Juniors

    Junior Remind

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  • For students and parents/guardians new to Smiths Station High School, some information about morning and afternoon traffic flow:
    Mornings - Please keep in mind that students should be in their 1st period class (or for the first day of school, homeroom) by 8:45 EST. We recommend arriving early for at least the first few days until you are comfortable with the routine. Traffic issues do not excuse tardies. Student drivers can enter either the main entrance (at the school sign) or the secondary entrance. Students should park in the main student parking lot, closest to Lee Road 430 (the back parking lot is used for overflow parking only). For parent/guardian drop off, please use the secondary entrance (the one further from the school sign). You will enter the first parking lot that you come to from that direction to drop your child off (please do not park), and turn left to exit back out of the secondary entrance. Neither student nor parent drivers should enter the bus line parking.
    Afternoons - The bell rings for dismissal at 4:00 EST. At this time, the main school entrance is exit only for students leaving the student parking lot. Students going right should be in the right lane, students going left should be in the left lane. Students cannot drive straight to cross the railroad tracks across from the school. For parents picking students up, you will use the secondary entrance to enter, and follow signs to the first parking lot that you come to from that direction and park in a parking spot to wait for your child. When leaving, you will go left and exit back out of the secondary entrance. Again, neither student nor parent drivers should enter the bus line parking.
    Please be cautious in both the mornings and afternoons of school staff directing traffic. Also, deputies will be out to enforce school speed zones and other traffic laws.
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  • All Schedule Changes for the 2019-2020 school year were due to the SSHS Main Office by 3:00 EST on Friday, August 2nd.

    No more schedule changes will be done unless the school has made a mistake on your schedule, or you were on the waiting list for a class that has become available.  This includes once school begins.

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  • The SSHS PTO is offering parents/guardians the opportunity to run a banner on the SSHS school marquee for 3 days to wish a student happy birthday. The cost is $10, and you must give a 10 business day notice. Information is available in the SSHS main office.

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  • for ALL FEES is now available. This system provides a convenient and safe place to make school meal and fee payments, eliminating the need for students to bring cash/checks to school. It is available on the web or any iOS or Android mobile device.
    When signing up, select Lee County Board of Education - Opelika, complete the registration form, enter student info, and select the appropriate school. If you already have a lunch account, you must create a separate account for school fees.
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  • Food deliveries from services such as UberEats and GrubHub or pizza deliveries cannot be accepted at Smiths Station High School. 

    Any food brought to SSHS for a student must be brought by someone on a student’s contact list and should be delivered in a brown paper bag or lunchbox/bag.

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  • FYI, SSHS can no longer accept checks written in gel ink (pink, purple, red, etc). These checks cannot be read by the scanners that our bank uses for processing.

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  • We are happy to announce that we've partnered with BSN Sports and built an online store front to support our community.

    In the store, you'll find brands you know and designs you'll love.  You can customize your gear with names, numbers, or relationships like Mom and Dad.  There's no minimum order, quick shipping, and best of all, the proceeds help us support essential programs at our school.

    Sideline Store

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