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  • Parking Instructions for BHS Home Football Games

    On this webpage, you will find a letter from Mr. Richard L. Brown, Principal at Beauregard High School outlining policies for parking at home football games. Please be sure to review his letter and the attached diagram.

    Specific Instructions for Parking at Home Football Games:

    The Beauregard High School Band Booster Club is responsible for parking at home football games. The individuals directing parking are volunteers and follow the procedures agreed upon and directed by the school's administration. Please follow their directions.

    Note: There is a new ticket booth on the home side between the concession stand and the track and field area. All entry into the stadium will be at this gate this year.

    1. All parking is $5.00 per vehicle unless the driver is the holder of a issued pass.
    2. All vehicles will enter the area at the Beauregard Elementary School bus lane. This will be the only entrance for non-student general parking. This lane is paved and is located between Beauregard Drugs and Lee Road 431 (LR 431 runs beside the BHS student parking lot up to the elementary school.). You will be directed to this road. Please follow the posted signs.
    3. In general, home attendees will park in the area of the elementary school and visitors will be directed to the BHS student parking lot.
    4. You cannot enter into the BHS student parking lot from AL Hwy. 51. The entrance off of Hwy. 51 will be closed.
    5. Handicapped Parking will be at the Beauregard Elementary School Bus Ramp. The handicapped person and one other individual to assist him/her will be transported by a golf cart to the ticket booth.
    6. Football players, band members, cheer leaders, and coaches/directors will be the only individuals allowed to park in the parking lot in front of the administration building. Students and the specific faculty members should enter into this lot at the north entrance off of AL Hwy. 51. No others will be allowed in this area.
    7. Coaches' wives and certain faculty members will park in the designated area on Lee Road 431 (This is not where they have parked in the past.)
    8. NO VEHICLE AREAS: No one is to enter into the fenced stadium area off of Lee Road 431 in a vehicle except for Law Enforcement/Emergency vehicles and the gold carts transporting handicapped patrons. Also, no one should enter into any area marked as a construction area/zone.
    9. Lee Road 431 will be divided by cones. The right side of the road coming from the elementary school will be for pedestrians walking from the student/faculty parking lots to the stadium. All vehicle traffic should use the left side of the road to the left of the cones and follow the directions of the parking personnel.
    10. The visiting football team, band, and cheerleaders will park on the new bus ramp area. Only their buses, equipment vehicles, and other law enforcement vehicles traveling with them will be permitted in this area. (This area is classified as a construction zone and is a restricted area.)
    11. Following the game, vehicles may exit the parking areas from the Beauregard Elementary School Bus Lane, Lee Road 431, and the north entrance/exit to the administration building parking lot. Please do not attempt to exit the student parking lot onto AL Hwy. 51. This entrance will remain blocked.
    12. Please do not park along Lee Road 431 unless directed to do so by parking personnel. In the event of an overflow situation, there are areas east of the stadium that will be designated for parking.

    It is our desire to make the parking situation as easy and safe as possible. Please be patient and cooperative.

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  • Letter from Mr. Brown Regarding Renovations and Parking

    Letter from Mr. Brown regarding renovations and parking Overhead Parking Map for Beauregard High Downloadable Copy of Above Letter and Map

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