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    Lee County Learning Center, also known as LC2, is an extension of the high schools in the Lee County School District. Students must be enrolled in one of our high schools in order to be eligible to attend LC2 and must be referred by an administrator or counselor. Several factors are considered when determining eligibility, such as GPA, attendance, discipline, and prior performance in virtual learning.

    LC2 provides a non-traditional learning environment where students attend school at our campus in Salem, Alabama to complete courses online. We have certified teachers available to monitor and assist as needed. There are many benefits of this blended learning style, including credit advancement for early graduation and credit recovery for highly motivated students.


    We are proud to introduce a new program at LC2 this year. Lee County Schools is partnering with Auburn University to provide a Career Technical Academy for the students at LC2. Through this program, students will receive global awareness skills training, life skills training, and exposure to college and career options.

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    The LC2 facility is also the site for a Dual Enrollment for Dual Credit machining course made possible by a partnership between Lee County Schools and Southern Union Community College. It is available to 10th - 12th graders who have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. This course covers safety, basic calculations, reading blueprints, and technology. Students can earn 2 career technical credits by completing this course as well as college credit from SUCC.


    We are now accepting applications for the 2023 - 2024 school year! If you are interested in attending LC2, please speak with an administrator or counselor to get a referral. If you have any questions about the program, you can call us at (334) 664-4080.   


  • Read what others are saying about LC2!

    "The Lee County Learning Center is an excellent option for students that need an alternative learning environment. The staff do an excellent job working with individual students to determine what they need to be successful and developing a plan for success. They have been the key to success to many Beauregard High School students."


    "The staff go above and beyond for their students to create a welcoming and safe environment that meets the needs of each student. We are so thankful for Mrs. Guy and the staff at LC2 for understanding the specific needs of my child and giving her the support she needs!"


    "My time at LC2 has given me the opportunity to catch up on things that I missed while dealing with family and medical issues. Everyone that works here has your best interest at heart and helps you every step of the way to get you where you want to be. I've met people (both staff and peers) that have had a huge impact on my life."


    "The Lee County Learning Center (LC2) is a great program for people who want to get ahead in their classes, graduate early, or credit recovery. I've been at LC2 for about a year now and love it here. I love LC2 because I can work at my own pace and get my work done."


    "LC2 makes me feel comfortable and welcome."


    "I am a current student at LC2 and I enjoy the atmosphere. I feel safe and no longer anxious about attending school. I feel that I learn better at LC2 as opposed to the traditional setting."


    "I am reapplying to Lee County Learning Center because I learn more efficiently, advance more quickly, and am under much less stress compared to a traditional schooling environment. The teachers are friendly, encouraging, and help me understand the lesson when I get stuck. The environment is relaxing and makes it easier to focus on getting things done. Because I can complete work at my own pace, I also have the potential to finish everything before the final day of school. These are the reasons for why I am reapplying to Lee County Learning Center."




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