• Summer Rehearsals/Band Camp

    Posted by John Hillsman on 7/17/2020

    We are definitely living in some crazy times. It seems that everything is being affected by everything else.

    I have been trying diligently to map out our next few weeks with some specific goals in mind. The issue is sorting through and trying to understand the information given to us as well as in some cases there being a lack of informaiton. At the moment, my primary goal is to ensure everyone's safety. I need to make sure that I am doing the appropriate things to do so. Second, I want to make sure that whatever we do, it affords us the opportunity to be prepared.

    Planning for the next few weeks has been met with many challenges. I ask that everyone please maintain a flexible demeanor. We are going to continue to face changes. Some will occur at the last minute. As well, I have been working with our band staff to plan fun things that will not place any real added pressures on any of us. We actually have a number of different plans in place depending upon what situations we encounter.

    As Alabama and Lee County are both hot spots at the moment. I encourage you to please stay safe. It is always better to lean to the side of caution than not.

    I will continually keep you posted. I look forward to seeing you all very soon.

    Stay well and GO BAND!!!

    Mr. Hillsman

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