• How to access Office 365

    You may access Lee County's Office 365 in several different ways and locations.  Your login will always be your full email address and your standard Windows password.

    1. Look for the Office 365 Outlook icon on the bottom of the Lee County Schools Home Page

    2. Find the Outlook Web App or One Drive button on the Faculty Section of the Lee County Webpage.

    3. Find the Outlook Web App or One Drive button on the Lee County Faculty and Staff Information Portal that is now the default page on all Lee County computers for Faculty.

    4. Go to http://outlook.office365.com or http://portal.office365.com.

    Outlook Web App  


    Included in Microsoft Office 365

    • Our Microsoft Office 365 license includes what you see below.
    • It also includes 5 installations of the latest version of Microsoft Office per user so that you can download it to home computers.
    • Microsoft Office products are already downloaded to Lee County computers, so do not install them on a school computer.
    • Our license includes Office 365 in the Cloud, Office 2016-2019 on local machines and APPS for mobile devices.

    Install Office on your PC  Office 365 Banner

    Free Microsoft Office Professional and 365 Online Learning


    Install on phones and other mobile devices

    Setting up email on your smartphone:

    • Navigate to your apps and select the app labeled Accounts (on Apple devices it's called "Passwords and Accounts under "Settings")
    • Select the option to "Add Account"
    • Select Exchange ActiveSync or Corporate Sync or Microsoft Exchange (Apple)
    • Some phones will automatically sync once you enter your email address. Others will ask you for more information. That information is below
      • Domain: (Leave it blank)
        Username:(Please enter your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS)
        Password: (Please enter your email password)
        Server: outlook.office365.com
        Note: you should not need to change the port
    • Click next
    • While finalizing your email settings, your phone will ask you to put in a PIN/Password. You will not be able to complete this process without adding this layer of security to your phone.

    If you are having trouble completing this process, please enter a sysaid ticket here.


    Download software to home computer(s)?

    May we install Office 365 at home?

    • Office 365 does not need to be installed at home because it is cloud-based.
    • The license agreement provides each user 5 downloadable license for latest version of Office for Free.
    • You may download on home computers and mobile devices.
    • You may also deactivate a license if you not longer need it.

     Download Time

    • Approximately 30-40 minutes to complete.
    • The download installs Microsoft Office Enterprise software package.
    • Use this link to get to the page for installation at home: https://portal.office.com/Home
      • Log in using your work email address.  If you're having trouble logging in, click here.
      • Once logged in, click on "Install Office apps"Install office location
      • Follow the next instructions that you'll be provided by Microsoft.Further Instruction Screenshot


     NOTE: You may use Office 365 in the Cloud without downloading and can be used on any device.