• Q:  How do I register?


    A:  www.act.org/alabamaectp (for the basic skills assessments), http://www.ets.org/praxis/al (for the subject assessments)

    Test Requirements

    Applicants for initial Alabama certification, including applicants for the reinstatement of certificates that have lapsed for more than six months, must successfully meet the current requirements of the basic skills assessments


    the subject assessments of the Alabama Educator Certification Testing Program (AECTP). Information about the AECTP may be obtained at internet Web sites www.act.org/alabamaectp (for the basic skills assessments), http://www.ets.org/praxis/al%20 (for the subject assessments), or by contacting the teacher testing staff in the Teacher Testing Section of the Office of Teaching and Leading at (334) 242-9983 or aectp@alsde.edu.


    ONLY Alabama prescribed Praxis II subject area assessments are accepted. Only official Praxis II score reports, submitted with the applicant’s complete social security number directly from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) via Score Link to this Department, will be accepted. Effective with the September 2007 test administration date, ETS automatically forwards official Praxis II score reports to this Department if the Alabama prescribed assessment is taken in Alabama. For Alabama prescribed assessments taken outside Alabama or prior to Alabama being an automatic score recipient, the code 7020 is used to designate the Alabama State Department of Education as a recipient of official score reports. Praxis II subject assessments that are not prescribed for use in Alabama will not be reported to this Department. The applicant’s failure to provide his/her correct social security number to ETS will delay the application process.


    Under current ETS policy, the Praxis test scores are valid and reportable for 10 years from the date a test is taken. An applicant must successfully complete current requirements of the AECTP if Praxis test score results are not valid and reportable directly from ETS.


    ONLY the AECTP basic skills assessments are accepted.

    The basic skills assessments of the AECTP are administered by the American College Testing (ACT) program at designated testing centers in Alabama and at ACT centers in other states. ACT automatically forwards official score reports to this Department. The applicant’s failure to provide his/her correct social security number to ACT will delay the application process.

    Note: Required assessments will be individually prescribed by the Teacher Certification Section of the Office of Teaching and Leading when eligibility for certification has been determined.


    Q:  What are the fees for the APTTP Basic Skill Assessments?