• Chalkable/INOW Parent Portal

    Log into the STI Parent Portal to check your child's current attendance and grade information.
    Contact your school for your child's ID Number and Password if you do not already have it.

    Click here to login: Chalkable/INOW Parent Portal

    Click here to watch a video tutorial about accessing the Parent Portal. (NOTE: The video may not play in Google Chrome. You may need to try with a different browser.)

    You will be required to change your password the first time you log in.
    Current Grades can be found under the Progress section of the Student Information area once logged in to the site.

    Parent Portal Screenshot


    You may experience some problems getting the Progress report to show up on your screen.  We believe that this may have something to do with the Google Pop-up Blocker (on the Google Internet Toolbar), in that it blocks the Parent Portal Progress link, even when you choose to allow pop-ups. You will also want to make sure your Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker is turned off under the Tools menu.  We are working on a permanent fix. In the meantime, here are some workarounds. You do not have to do all 3; choose 1.

    •1)      Hold down the Ctrl key while clicking the Progress link. Continue to hold down until it prompts you to "Open or Save" & the Adobe Reader page opens. This will bypass the pop-up blocker; the grades will be displayed.

    •2)      Completely uninstall Google Toolbar from Add/Remove Programs.

    •3)      Use Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.

    Also, Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your PC.