• Install on phones and other mobile devices

    Setting up email on your smartphone:

    • Navigate to your apps and select the app labeled Email
    • It will ask you to set up a new account.
      Select Exchange ActiveSync or Corporate Sync or Microsoft Exchange
    • Some phones will automatically sync once you enter your email address. Others will ask you for more information. That information is below
    • Domain: (Leave it blank)
      Username:(Please enter your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS)
      Password: (Please enter your email password)
      Server: outlook.office365.com
      Note: you should not need to change the port
    • Click next
    • While finalizing your email settings, your phone will ask you to put in a PIN/Password. You will not be able to complete this process without adding this layer of security to your phone.

    If you are having trouble completing this process, please enter a sysaid ticket here.

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