School Days

    School begins at 7:25. Please help your child to be at school ON TIME – no earlier than 7:00 and no later than 7:25. Students arriving after 7:25 will be marked as tardy. Excessive tardies, more than 3 per nine weeks (page 31 of the Lee County StudentHandbook), will be reported to the truancy officer and students will be assigned to after school detention. All students who wish to eat breakfast at school should arrive no later than 7:10. The school day ends at 2:45 which is also the time our car rider line starts. Buses will leave at 2:50.

    No check-outs are allowed after 2:20 P.M. For academic purposes, children will be called for checkout once parents arrive at the office of the school.

    Doctor and dental appointments should be scheduled outside of school hours when possible. A student will not be released to anyone who is not listed on the child’s information sheet. For safety purposes, we do not accept telephone checkouts; however you may send a checkout request by FAX to 745-2287 by 1:45 p.m..

    Please do not schedule any doctor/dentist appointments or vacations from May 5

    through May 15. These are the dates for our standardized testing.