Our Physical Education program is developed to provide students a cornerstone for building life long healthy habits.  The coaches insure that the physical education environment is safe for your child to participate in activities.  To ensure our healthy habit goal, the physical education grading system is based on daily participation.

    At the beginning of each nine-week grading period, all students are given a grade of 100.  Points are then deducted each time a student exhibits behaviors that hinder their participation in the physical education program.  The following is a list of the general rules and the grading system including the amount of points deducted for each infraction.

    Point deductions for rule infractions that cause non participation:

    -2      Non-participation in daily lesson / activities.

    -2      Running / pushing in line to and from physical education

    -3      Not following the instructions for the daily lessons

    -3      Being disrespectful to the staff (talking back to or refusing to cooperate with the teacher).

    -3      Chewing gum or eating candy during physical education.

    -3      Disruptive behavior (wrestling, horseplay, kicking / pushing other students, talking during instruction, etc.)

    -3      Leaving the designated area without permission (playing in the woods, leaving class early, leaving the gym, etc.).

    -5      Fighting

    -5      Profanity (using unacceptable language, using obscene gestures).

    -5      Throwing objects that are not pertaining to physical education (rocks, dirt, sticks, etc.) or throwing objects with intent to injure other students.

    -3      Throwing objects that are not pertaining to physical education with no intent to injure other students.

    Specific Physical Education Rules:

    •1. All rules in the student handbook will apply in physical education.

    •2. Eating or drinking during physical education is not permitted.

    •3. Jewelry should not be worn during class.

    •4. Tackling is not permitted while playing football.

    •5. Appropriate hall procedures are in effect including refraining from running and pushing.

    •6. Hard sole shoes may not be worn in the gymnasium.

    •7. Do not throw rocks, dirt, sticks or any object not pertaining to physical education.

    •8. The bleachers in the gymnasium are only for sitting.

    •9. No leaving the playground / gymnasium without teacher's permission.


    Exemption from Physical Education- 

    If a child is sick and needs to be excused from physical education class, a parent must write a note to the physical education teachers stating the dates and the reason for the student's non-participation in physical activities.  Should a child need to be excused from class for more than three days, a doctor's excuse is required.  The excuse must contain a return to activity date.


    Physical Education Dress Requirements- 

    Alabama law requires every elementary school student to have 30 minutes of physical education per day.  To fully benefit from these activities, students must be appropriately dressed.  We do not ask our students to "dress out" for class; however we do ask that our students wear clothes that they can move in.  This includes tennis shoes, comfortable shirt and shorts, pants, sweat pants or other non-restrictive clothing.  Cleats are not needed or appropriate at school. 

    If your daughter chooses to wear a dress or skirt to school, we ask that she bring a pair of shorts to slip on under her dress/skirt.  This is to preserve the modesty of your child as she participates.