Have you ever wanted a better way to:

    • Get great book recommendations from people you know.
    • Keep track of what you've read and what you'd like to read.
    • Form a book club, answer book trivia, collect your favorite quotes.
    • Just sign up!  It's free and anyone can join.

    Perdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) 

    The Purdue University Online Writing Lab serves writers from around the world and the Purdue University Writing Lab helps writers on Purdue's campus.


    AR BookFinder 
    You can search for book titles based on authors, topics, or titles of books. Just type what you want to search for in the blank field above and click Go. You will then be able to sort your search results, select book titles to add to your AR BookBag, print a list of your search results, or start a new search. 

    Alabama Virtual Library 
    The Alabama Virtual Library (AVL) is a service to all citizens of Alabama. It is a direct link to databases that will assist students of all ages in research for all subject areas. 

    MLA or APA Citation 
    Site gives notes, bibliographic reference, and parenthetical within text. Most sites have only a basic list of sources to choose from, but this one has over 10 different ones. 
    Bittendorf Public Library Young Adult Books Series and Sequels

    Read, Write, and Think 
    ReadWriteThink Printing Press The interactive Printing Press is designed to assist students in creating newspapers, brochures, flyers, and booklets. Teachers and students can choose from several templates to publish class newspapers, informational brochures, and flyers announcing class events. The tool allows for multiple pages as appropriate. Text added to the templates can be modified using a simple toolbar, which allows students to choose text features, such as font size and color. Documentation for the Printing Press includes folding and printing instructions, as well as an extensive Guide to using the tool. Customized versions of the tool, which include additional instructions and more focused choices, are included with some lessons. A basic planning sheet is available to help students gather ideas before working at the computer. 

    National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (Math Made Easy) 
    Use visuals and diagrams to learn math! Have fun!