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    The SSFC Media Center is a collection of print and digital resources that can be read for personal enjoyment or read to acquire new knowledge on a subject of personal interest to a student.

    The SSFC Panther Media Center Hours are 7:30 am to 3:15 pm {CST} and follows the SSFC daily bell schedule.

    Individual Students and Classes are welcome to come to the SSFC Panther Media Center throughout the school day. Individual students are required to bring their planners, signed by their classroom teachers, and sign the student sign-in sheet upon arriving and leaving the SSFC Panther Media Center. Class Visits can be scheduled by completing a scheduling request form.

    For the guidelines on student behavior in both the SSFC Panther Media Center and Computer Labs as well SSFC Panther Media Center Checkout, Fines, and Printing Fees Policy click here.

    The SSFC Panther Media Center has eBooks as part of its collection. These eBooks are in a online library called OverDrive. These eBooks may be downloaded to and read on any digital device, such as a cell phone or tablet.To visit the Overdrive Digital Library to browse and find a good book, click here.

    To see print resources available at the SSFC Panther Media Center, click here.This link is for browsing purposes only. You have to come to the SSFC Media Center to check out these print resources.

    "Hey, Mr. P, I just finished reading a book. I am ready to read something else, but I don't know what I want to read next! Can you help?""I absolutely can..Say the magic words "Bada Bing Bada BOOM!" as you click HERE.

    The Reading Road Goes on Forever..Follow It to Knowledge

    Visit the SSFC Panther Media Center and Use It As an On-ramp to the Reading Road!

    It's YOUR Media Center!


    The SSFC Panther Media Center will soon begin purchasing new books for its collection. If you would like to request a specific book be purchased and placed in the Panther Media Center for use by students and faculty, please complete a book purchase request form asap. To complete this form online, click on I WANT THIS BOOK

     If you need to email the SSFC Media Specialist, click here.



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