Welcome to Smith Station High Schools MCJROTC program! We take pride in our program as well as our cadets. We expect every cadet to mantain high standards of morals and values. Honor, Courage and Commitment are words that each cadet must practice and adhere to daily. Cadets are tested both physically and mentally.

    Cadets will be graded in multiple areas of the program. The Academic curriculum portion of the program will be graded very much like other traditional high school classes. However, as part of their overall MCJROTC grade, cadets will also be observed, evaluated, and graded on their leadership performance. Leadership performance will encompass carrying out the cadet’s duties, their behavior in and outside of MCJROTC class, and participation in MCJROTC activities. Cadet grades will be based on four significant areas: Academics, Leadership, Physical Training, and Uniform/Drill.

    Evaluation will be conducted in the areas listed below. A final examination will be administered at the end of course, which is ten percent (10%) of the final course grade.

    1. Academics - 35% (Class assignments, quizzes, tests, written and oral reports)
    2. Leadership - 35% Class participation, conduct in and out of class, attitude, enthusiasm, military proficiency, leadership, discipline, willingness to follow orders and instructions. Not dressing out for Physical Training or Uniform/Drill will result in a zero (0) for weekly Leadership grades and can significantly affect the final course grade.
    3. Physical Fitness - 15% Each Physical Fitness grade is separated into two (2) parts, 50% for dressing out, and 50% for participation. Failure to dress out will result in a zero (0) for that day’s PT grade and the weekly Leadership grade will be reduced.  
    4. Uniforms and Drill - 15% (Inspections and drill evaluations conducted weekly by the instructors and cadet leaders)  Each cadet must wear his or her uniform each week in order to receive this grade. Failure to wear the uniform will result in a zero (0) for that day’s Uniform grade as well as the weekly Leadership grade will be reduced.   

    More information can be found on the SSHS MCJROTC website;  https://sites.google.com/lee.k12.al.us/sshsmcjrotc/home.


    Senior Marine Instructor (SMI) Major William Bolden (Retired)

    Marine Instructor (MI) Master Sergeant James Sturla (Retired)

    Smiths Station High School, Marine Corps JROTC

    4228 Lee Road 430, Smiths Station, AL 36877, USA



    Phone: (334) 298-2717

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