• Parents,

    This is an exciting time at BHS.  We have improvements going on all around us. Your child will be bringing home a syllabus for my class as well as instructions for signing up to receive text messages to keep up with assignments and or tests for your child.  Please sign up to receive these messages.  While you may not receive a message everyday, I will send out messages after school when I feel a reminder would help your child. Cell phones will not be used in my class unless I give the student permission to use his/her phone for assignments.  Cell phones are one of the main reasons why people get distracted in class and therefore miss important information.  I feel that communication between the parent(s) and teacher(s) are essential to a successful year.  If you have any concerns, please email me at brown.rachel@lee.k12.al.us  


    AP Physics I:  8h8hc8

    Honors Anatomy and Physiology:  77a36b

    Virtual Learning All Science Classes:  bghslearn

    Google Classroom:
    AP Physics I:   46eqxs6
    Honors Anatomy and Physiology:  s4x6tdq
    Virtual Biology:  ewbzykj
    Virtual Chemistry:  cixpio4
    Virtual Earth and Space:  4ahu6rl
    Virtual Environmental Science:  agbr6ot
    Virtual Physical Science:  vcxmkuc