• Student Links for Research

    The links below are online resources for authenticated information, as well non-copyrighted images, videos, and documents, that can be used in a research project.

    One of the best resources for research information for a student is the Alabama Virtual Library.The Alabama Virtual Library provides all students, teachers, and citizens of the State of Alabama with online access to essential library and information resources. It is primarily a group of online databases that have magazine, journal, and newspaper articles for research. Through the AVL, an equitable core of information sources is available to every student and citizen in Alabama, raising the level of excellence in schools and communities across the state.

    To access the Alabama Virtual Library, click on the AVL icon  AVL Icon

    Looking for primary source documents for your research project, especially history? The U.S. Library of Congress is a great place to find these documents along with countless other sources of information. To visit the U.S. Library of Congress website, click on its picture. Library of Congres

    InfoPlease is a one-stop, smorgasbord informational website. It has an online encyclopedia, atlas, almanac, as well science, history, and business information. To access it, click InfoPlease.

    Need a current event article for Biology? Need information on a research topic? Science News for Students is a great source for both with articles about students involved with science and current issues in the science field. Articles are from all of the different areas of science. To access it, click SNS. {Note - Once the website loads, you may have to refresh it {Press F5 key} to get the most current articles}.

    Science Magazine is another great source of science news from all areas of science. To access this source, click Science Mag Cover

    Need help with science terms and concepts? A great resource for science terms and concepts is Science Dictionary.

    More science articles and news can be found at the website NOVA.

    If you need update information about cities, nations, World Atlas is a great source of information about a region's population, economy and much more. World Atlas

    If you need non-copyrighted pictures, videos, or documents like research articles to use in your student project, please click on the names of the resources to access them.

    Pics 4 Learning -  Pictures, nothing but pictures from all subject matters.

    Creative Commons - Pictures plus videoes and research articles.