• Updated Scoliosis Guidelines from the

    Alabama State Department of Education and the Alabama Department of Public Health

    Scoliosis guidelines were revised in January 2019.  Schools in Alabama are required to offer and provide scoliosis screening for males and females in grades 5 through 9.  The National Scoliosis Research Foundation estimates six million Americans have scoliosis.  The goal of the spinal screening program is that children having spinal deformities be detected early and placed under medical care before serious disability and deformity occur.

    Spinal screening consent forms were sent home to all Beauregard High School 9th graders, with progress reports on Thursday February 7th.  All forms should be returned no later than Friday February 22nd.  Screenings will take place on Friday March 1st.  

    Please note:  forms not returned will result in students not being screened.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.


    Amber Shae Ford, RN

    School Nurse, Beauregard High school

    P: 334-528-7674