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  • Smiths Station High School will conduct its 2019-2020 Schedule Pick-up Day on August 1st for incoming 10th graders and August 2nd and for returning 11th & 12th graders. The time for both dates will be 9:00 -3:00 EST.
    Schedules will be available to pick up in the East Commons, that is the main entrance coming from the student parking and parent pick-up and drop-off area.
    Also on these days, students can locate their classes and walk the campus (however, please keep in mind that most teachers will not be campus), fees can be paid in the front office lobby, lockers can be rented for the year in front of the media center, students can get bus information in the front office, and anyone still needing to complete the online registration for the year will be able to do that in one of our computer labs.
    Please keep in mind that students are able to see their current schedules on the STI/Chalkable Home Portal (this is only available with the student login and cannot be done on the mobile version of STI/Chalkable). Homerooms and room numbers will be added to schedules prior to the Schedule Pick Up Days.
    The final date to submit Schedule Change Forms is Friday, August 2nd at 3:00 EST. No email or telephone change requests will be accepted. Schedule changes are not made immediately - please do not resubmit a change request if the change has not been made yet. Provided that you give a legible email address, you will be emailed about the status of your request. Schedule changes are EXTREMELY LIMITED due to limited availability in the majority of classes.
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  • Parking Passes for the 2019-2020 school year are now being sold in the SSHS main office 8-12 and 1-3 EST for anyone who would like to go ahead and purchase one. They are $20.00 and will increase to $25.00 on October 1st. All students who park on the SSHS campus are required to have a parking permit.


    Parking Permit Form

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  • Schedules for the 19-20 school year are available on the STI-Home portal for students to view (although, please be aware that you may not be able to view it on a phone, depending on your software).

    You will need to log in using your regular school login and password for STI to see your schedule.  Make sure that you change the year to 2019-2020 so that you can see the correct schedule.

    Your schedule was built based on the requests that you submitted in the spring, assuming that you submitted a Course Selection Sheet by the deadline.  You can request to change your schedule.  Schedule change forms are available using the link below, as well as in the SSHS main office Monday – Friday, from 8-12 and 1-3 EST. 

    Schedule Change Request Form

    No email or telephone schedule changes will be accepted – they must be on the appropriate form and have a parent/guardian signature.  THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT SCHEDULE CHANGE REQUESTS IS FRIDAY, AUGUST 2ND.  Please keep in mind that schedule changes will be extremely limited, as the majority of classes are full.  Schedule changes will not be made immediately (if they are possible) – it may be later in the summer before your schedule is changed.

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  • Dear Parents,

    If you have already completed your child’s online registration, you can disregard this message. If you have not completed this process, please do so this week. The deadline is this Friday, May 3rd. Students without completed registration will not receive a draft copy of their schedule for next year. Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated and helps operations at the school run more smoothly. A link to the registration website is on the Parent Page of the Lee County Schools webpage, and students’ codes were sent out with 3rd Nine Weeks Report Cards. Thank you!

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  • Information for current 9th grade students who are in danger of failing a core class for the year:
    Smiths Station High School only offers credit recovery for 9th grade core courses AFTER SCHOOL. If a course is failed at SSFC and is not made up during summer school, the student must come to after school credit recovery to complete and pass the course before they will be able to graduate.
    There are 2 exceptions to this:
    1. We do offer 1 class of Algebra I for students who have failed that course. That class meets every day first semester, and then the required Geometry class for 10th graders is offered every day 2nd semester, allowing those students to earn 2 math credits in 1 year. However, space in the class is limited – only 25 students will be able to take the course. If there are more than 25 students that fail Algebra I and do not take the course in summer school, the students with the lowest yearly averages from Algebra I at SSFC will be given priority when registering. Any additional students over the 25 will need to take the Algebra course in credit recovery after school. Students who failed either Algebra IA OR Algebra IB would have to make that course up in either summer school or after school credit recovery, as the 1A and 1B courses are not offered on campus at SSHS. Any students that fail both Algebra IA and IB would be eligible to do the Algebra I course on campus or after-school credit recovery.
    2. We offer on-campus courses for Career Prep A and Career Prep B. Students can also complete these courses in after-school credit recovery if they wish, but again, they must be completed and passed prior to graduation.
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  • Food deliveries from services such as UberEats and GrubHub or pizza deliveries cannot be accepted at Smiths Station High School. 

    Any food brought to SSHS for a student must be brought by someone on a student’s contact list and should be delivered in a brown paper bag or lunchbox/bag.

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  • FYI, SSHS can no longer accept checks written in gel ink (pink, purple, red, etc). These checks cannot be read by the scanners that our bank uses for processing.

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  • Signed graduation guidelines are due back to senior sponsors (on the attached form) by Wednesday, April 5th.
    Graduation Practice is Monday, May 20th at 1pm EST
    Graduation is Wednesday, May 22nd at 7pm EST
    Graduation practice and Graduation will both be at the Columbus Civic Center
    Questions regarding graduation not answered on this form should be directed to Mrs. Jennifer Byrd at

    Graduation Guidelines

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  • The Panther Perk is a coffee shop run by Mrs. Summers's class. Students can pre-order between 8:10 - 8:40 am to skip the line during our business hours of 9:40 - 11:00 am.
    The menu, their mission statement, and an order form for the Smiths Station High School 100 year anniversary shirt is on their website. They also have pins/buttons available for purchase.
    Panther Perk
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  • We are happy to announce that we've partnered with BSN Sports and built an online store front to support our community.

    In the store, you'll find brands you know and designs you'll love.  You can customize your gear with names, numbers, or relationships like Mom and Dad.  There's no minimum order, quick shipping, and best of all, the proceeds help us support essential programs at our school.

    Sideline Store

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