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    Important QuicK Links If You Need Information or a Form Fast!!

    ChromeBook Problems? The first step to getting your chromebook issue resolved is to complete and submit ChromeBook Issue Report online form. If your chromebook is not operational, you can have a teacher or parent/guardian complete it for you. If the problem happens at school, you will recieve a response by the next period telling you what you need to do.  DO NOT just stop by the Panther Media Center with your chromebook!! Safety Guidelines must be followed! 

    To access form, click 2020-2021 Chromebook Issue report

    REMEMBER - Insurance does NOT cover deliberate/intentional damage nor multiple instances of the same issue. Student will pay the total repair cost for deliberate damages or repeated instances of the same issue. If chromebook is rendered unrepairable, student will pay the cost of replacement for a new device.

    Looking for a good to read? The SSFC Panther Media Center is constantly adding new print books from manga to nonfiction topics like personal mental health and all points in between. To see what great books the Panther Media Center has {and new books are being added constantly}, search through our online catalog. To access the SSFC PMC Online catalog, click  on the card catalogue {Throwback to the Old Days}.

     Card Catalog

    If you are a traditional student and want to check out a print book from the Panther Media Center, please complete and submit a SSFC Book Checkout Form. To access Book CheckOut Form, click "1st Sem. 2020 SSFC PMC Book Checkout Request". Be sure to read instructions at top of form.

    Checkout Books can be picked up, renewed, or returned at the end of the school day or on your way to your 1st period class each day.

    Depending on when you submit form, your book request may not available until the next day. If book has just been returned, there is a 72 hour waiting period due to safety guidelines.

    Basic Checkout Rules: {Must be a traditional student and Must submit book checkout request form}

    (1) Clear - No Fines

    (2) Two Books Maximum

    (3) Books must be renewed. {Late Fine is 10 cents a day per book} 

    (4) Two Book Renewals Maximum {6 Weeks to Read Book}

    For virtual students {traditional students can use SORA too}, the SSFC Panther Media Center, along with all other Lee County media centers, has a huge catalog of eBooks that can be accessed through SORA by using your Lee County Schools student login information. If interested in checking out the Lee County Schools eBook catalog and/or checking out an eBook, please click on the SORA icon below: 

    Sora Icon

    The SSFC Panther Media Center's Operates from 7:30 am to 3:15pm and follows the SSFC Daily Bell schedule except for being closed during 3rd Period {Advisory & Panther Pad}.

    Individual Students and classes are ALWAYS welcome to come to the SSFC Panther Media Center throughout the day.

    Individual students are required to bring their planners, planner mus be signed by the classroom teacher.

    Individual students are required to sign in and signout using their student barcode on their LibraryTrac computer.

    Student Visit Time Limits: (1) Search, Checkout, or Return Book - 15 minutes.  (2) Individual/Small Group Work {4 Students} - 30 Minutes (3) Make Work/Test - 45 minutes.

    Class Visits can be scheduled by the teacher completing a class visit schedule request form. {Located on Stuff for the Staff}

    Class and Individual Student Panther Media Centers are not allowed until Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

    To read the SSFC PMC Guidelines on student behavior in the Panther Media center, Book Checkouts, PMC Late Fines and Printing fees, click on the icon below:


     Guidelines Icon

    It's YOUR Media Center!


    The SSFC Panther Media Center will soon begin purchasing new books for its collection. If you would like to request a specific book be purchased and placed in the Panther Media Center for use by students and faculty, please complete a book purchase request form asap. To complete this form online, click on +I WANT THIS BOOK"

     If you need to email the SSFC Media Specialist, click on mailbox below.




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