• Technology Department

    The Lee County Technology Department consists of approximately 10 employees whose purpose is to serve and support all technology infrastructure and instructional technology needs. We also have a District Level Instructional Technology Specialist supporting all elementary teachers' use of technology in the classroom as well as an additional Technology Coach supporting our secondary teachers.

    • We currently have over 3,500 Student PCs, 6,500 Chromebooks, and 1,000 iPads accessible for student use in Lee County Schools.
    • We also have a high-speed wireless network to support up to 60 devices per classroom including 1/3 of the student population in the cafeteria and library in every school.
    • We have a high-speed Gigabyte Fiber Network connecting all fourteen schools together for transmission of data between all locations.
    • As of the summer of 2021 our Internet Connection for student and faculty access is operating at 2.5 Gbs.
    • Many students have access to online course work through various online learning portals.

    Our department serves the district in the following ways:

    • Install and repair computer equipment in all schools.
    • Offer support to end users on both hardware and software issues.
    • Recommend appropriate technology solutions for educational and administrative purposes.
    • Increase student achievement by recommending methods and training teachers in areas of technology integration in the classroom.
    • Manage, support, and report on the system-wide student information management software program.
    • Secure Federal funding to help finance technology infrastructure needs.
    • Manage all District-level social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
    • Manage the District website and offer support to all school webmasters in the management of each school's site.
  • Elementary-aged students in a group using touchscreen tablets

  • Contact Information:

    Technology Center
    2410 Society Hill Rd
    Opelika, AL 36804
    Phone: (334) 705-4210
    Fax: (334) 745-9822