• Transportation Department

    The Lee County Schools Transportation Department begins and ends with one goal in mind. This goal is transporting students to and from school safely, while supporting the overall education process by exercising safe and efficient transportation to ensure students the ability to receive the highest education possible. The Transportation Team consists of 147 drivers, another 100+ certified license holders (Coaches, Substitutes, Teachers, and Administrators), 2 Shop Foremen, 8 Technicians, 2 Shop Assistants, 4 Utility Workers, 2 Administrative Assistants, 1 Routing Specialist, 1 Assistant Transportation Director, and 1 Transportation Director. The transportation technician team maintains 190 school buses and an additional 52 fleet vehicles. The system operates daily with 125 Regular routes, 22 Special Needs routes, 7 Pre-K routes, 5 Midday routes and 5 After-School routes. All routes and Extra-Curricular trips total over 1.2 million miles a year covering over 9,000 miles per day. Buses transport over 6,000 students twice a day during regular routes while covering over 400 Square miles of territory in the county.







  • Bus Stop

  • Contact Information:
    Lee County Bus Shop
    Opelika, AL 36804
    Phone: (334) 745-4351
    Fax: (334) 745-4352