We are excited and pleased to welcome each of you to Beauregard Elementary School as we prepare for a new school year. Our hope is, this year at BGES will be both challenging and enjoyable for you. 

    Our goal is to provide you with a learning environment that is fun and educationally challenging. We have dedicated faculty and staff members to help you meet the high expectations we have set for you. You should strive to do your best in all subjects; cooperate with and be considerate of others; take pride in our school; and exhibit good conduct throughout the school day.

    This handbook is designed to be a guide of rules enforced by our school and the school system to ensure that you have the most successful school year possible. This handbook is specific to Beauregard Elementary. You will also receive a handbook of systemwide rules and policies. Please, read these handbooks with your parent/guardian and follow all rules.

    We look forward to this school year with excitement and anticipation. It is our desire that each of you excels and achieves your goals. Have a great school year!

    Mrs. Lisa Harris, Principal