• It comes down to what your priorites are, and if public education is about kids,

    then every decision we make should be focused on the question of, 

    'Is this good for a child?'

    And that should be the driving focus and the priority when we decide

    what our policies should be and our laws should be.         ---Campbell Brown


    ESSES Teacher of the Year Recipients-

    2005-2006     Sabrina Wade

    2006-2007     Teresa Pless

    2007-2008     Ramona Claridy

    2008-2009     Tracie McMullin

    2009-2010     Susan Elmore

    2010-2011     Todd Seeley

    2011-2012     Faye Teel

    2012-2013     Jon McGowan

    2013-2014     Deann Hicks

    2014-2015     Kamika Morgan

    2015-2016     Katie Dougherty

    2016-2017     Ronella Rainge

    2017-2018     Amber Manderson

    2018-2019     Dakota Farrulla


    Mr. Paul Kohler


    Phone: 334.664.4061


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