• Accelerated Reader (AR) is very important to everyone! Students should (and they do) strive to reach as many points as possible.

    All students will be required to participate in the Accelerated Reader Program.  Within the first few weeks of school, your child will take a STAR test.  This test will help determine your child's ZPD range.  The ZPD range identifies the level of books each student should be reading.

    Once the goals are established, each student will be allowed to check out books independently from the library (school and classroom).  Students will work at his/her own pace to ensure thorough reading of each book before testing on it.  It is most important to carefully read the books because once a student takes an AR test, it can not be retaken.  Students will be allowed to test on books whenever they are ready and as long as it's not during instructional time or during times when they are supposed to be completing classroom assignments.

    If students are doing their nightly reading and utilizing "free reading" time, each student should be able to accomplish his/her goals and achieve AR points.

    Most of the books in the Library are AR Books and are labeled according to their level. The higher the level, the more the POINTS that the book is worth.

    Most teachers have a "competition" in their classrooms to see which student reaches the most point for the week, month, and school year. Not only are students competing with each other in class, but this is also displayed in the hallway.

    Point Clubs vary by grade level. Please continue to check back each week to see the students in the different point clubs. ENCOURAGE YOUR STUDENTS TO READ, READ, READ. The more they READ, the more POINTS they will earn.

    Please encourage and take the time to praise your child as he/she progresses through the nine weeks and the school year.  Ask your child to tell you about the book they are reading.  This will help them on the AR test.   Also, ask about any AR tests that he/she may have taken that day.  This shows your child that you are interested in their AR progress. For more information, please see Mrs. Deborah Murry, Librarian.

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