1. Stand off roadway while awaiting a bus.

    2. When crossing in front of bus, stay ten feet from bumper and wait for driver’s signal before crossing.

    3. Obey and cooperate with the Bus Driver (bus drivers may assign seats for students).

    4. Be at the bus stop on time (times may vary as much as 10 minutes due to traffic, inclement weather, or other unforeseen situations).

    5. Be seated immediately after boarding and remain seated properly.

    6. Do not scuffle with or harass other students.

    7. Do not commit careless or willful acts which may cause injury to others.

    8. Do not fight, quarrel, yell, or use profanity.

    9. Keep all body parts and belongings out of the aisle and feet on the floor (bags, backpacks, and other items must be in lap).

    10. Keep all body parts inside the bus and ensure no objects are thrown out of the bus.

    11. Do not eat (food or candy), drink, or chew gum.

    12. Keep bus clear of trash by not littering.

    13. Ride to and from school on the bus assigned unless administrative approval is given specifying an alternative bus for that student.

    14. There should be no sounds coming from any electronic device that can be heard by neighboring students or the driver.

    15. Students will be picked up and dropped off at their residence or designated stop only.

    16. Students are assigned to a particular bus and should not ride another bus without a note from their parent/guardian that has been approved by their school’s administration.

  • Bus Rules