• Lee County Mission

    The Lee County School System will take a prominent role advocating a progressive education for each student in our schools.  The mission of Lee County Schools is to educate every student through a comprehensive and academically challenging curriculum taught in a safe and nurturing environment.  We challenge students to pursue dreams, succeed with integrity, and contribute meaningfully to a diverse society.

    Beauregard High School Profile


    Excellence has become the expectation at Beauregard High School.  We have begun to rally around our school motto:  "Hornets will Be responsible, Have respect, Seek success."  This motto serves as the daily reminder that our school fosters a culture of high academic expectation and one in which we expect all students to learn and grow. 

    Our Strengths

    For the 2008-2009 school year we at Beauregard demonstrated our expectations of high academic excellence by reaching a graduation rate for the class of 2009 of 98%.  In addition, we met 13 of 13 goals for Adequate Yearly Progress.  We set our goal for the Alabama High School Graduation Exam passing rate for the class of 2009 at 90%.  We exceeded that goal-by 5%.  Our success has been found in employing researched-based instruction strategies from the Alabama Reading Initiative, which we will continue to do. 

    Our Goals

    After reviewing our testing data from the Alabama High School Graduation exam, we found the following:

    Class of 2007

    • 96% passed reading
    • 93% passed language
    • 96% passed mathematics
    • 92% passed social studies
    • 94% passed science

    Class of 2008

    • 98% passed reading
    • 96% passed language
    • 97% passed math
    • 97% passed social studies
    • 98% passed science

    Class of 2009

    • 96% passed reading
    • 96% passed language
    • 96% passed math
    • 95% passed social studies
    • 95% passed science

    Currently, the Class of 2010's data indicates:

    • 86% have passed reading
    • 90% have passed language
    • 88% have passed math
    • 74% have passed social studies
    • 94% have passed science.

    Our goal for each subject area is 90%.  We will continue to employ ARI and TEAM Math strategies to further improve the learning culture at Beauregard High School. 

  • Beauregard High School Crest