• BHS is a 7th - 12th grade school located in northeastern Lee County.  Approximately 550 students attend our school in a constantly growing area near Lake Harding.

    School Profile

    Students at Beulah High School are encouraged when they hear the school motto, "Beulah High School: A Great Place to Learn." The motto infers the notion that success is indeed expected of those who attend Beulah High School.  Beulah High School students have maintained a passage rate exceeding ninety-five percent and completed the required Carnegie units to earn a diploma.  For the class of 2016, more than fifty percent of the diplomas have been the Advanced diploma (with 41% of these diplomas also receiving the Career Technical endorsement in addition to the Advanced endorsement) with an additional 11% receiving the Career Technical Endorsement.  This is consistent with our commitment to provide a curriculum and the instruction designed to lead to success in passing the Alabama High School Diploma requirements.

    The 554 students enrolled at Beulah High School are in grades seven through twelve.  The demographics reveal a population of 77.97% Caucasian, 19.49% Black, 1.08% Hispanic, 1.26% American Indian/Alasken Native/Asian/Other. The data is relatively consistent across the grade levels with an even distribution of males and females at the six grade levels.

    All thirty-eight teachers have earned a degree in the subject they are teaching, and all are Highly Qualified.


    We have five twenty-first century classrooms which feature advanced technology.  We have five computer labs.  One computer lab is designated for teaching computer applications and the other labs are utilized by teachers for research and computer assisted instruction. Our media center is equipped with computers, has several laptop computers for teacher use, and houses a Chromebook computer lab.  Each classroom has a computer and an LCD projector.  Many teachers have InterWrite pads and document cameras in their classrooms.  Twenty computers are available in the ACCESS classroom where currently several high-achieving students are taking web-based distance learning classes this school year. Our student management system (Chalkable/INOW) is used for attendance, discipline, grading, demographics, transcripts, scheduling and other data based information. Student are now able to utilize their own electronic devices in classroom (at their teacher's discretion) as an educational tool. Many teachers also participate in Remind, a text messaging program that reminds students of upcoming assignments.


    Beulah High School is proud of the fact that we have consistently met the goals for AYP.  Each year we complete a continuous improvement plan.  Departments examine the testing data and determine goals and checkpoints.  A committee then includes the information submitted by the academic departments in the annual continuous improvement plan.  The current CIP can be viewed as a PDF under "School Publications."

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