History of Loachapoka High School 

    Loachapoka High School is a high school in Loachapoka, Alabama, enrolling grades 7–12. The school enrolls 270 students, and is one of four high schools in the Lee County School District along with Beauregard, Beulah, and Smiths Station High Schools.

    While Loachapoka had its own high school in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, by the 1930s students in Loachapoka attended high school at either Drake or Auburn High Schools in nearby Auburn. In 1968, the Auburn City Schools ceased providing regular high school services for the Loachapoka area, and Loachapoka students were bused to Beauregard High School, so that students from the mostly African American Loachapoka area would have an opportunity to attend an integrated high school. Attendance at Beauregard, however, required some students to take round-trip bus rides of up to 96 miles daily; to limit this, the Lee County Schools Board of Education requested to expand the existing Loachapoka Junior High School (grades 7–10) to a full high school. 

    Loachapoka is widely known for their marching band. And with their dynamic drum majors and dance team they are who they say they are "The Baddest Band in the Land". The Mighty Marching Indians band formed in the late 1970s.