• SSJH Art Club

    Contact: Vicki Carlisle-Keith

    Our primary goal this year in our Art Club is to give students a chance to work beside other students interested in art and be provided feedback from their peers and their mentors. In the art club we also will be involved in working on community school projects and art competitions.

    To join Art Club at SSJHS you will be required to pay $15.00 dues. Members are required to abide by all SSJH policies and procedures. Behavior is a deciding factor in membership. Failure to respect and follow these rules once a member, will result in the student's removal from the Art club.

    Art Club will meet in the art room, #305 and meetings will be announced monthly.  As a member, students should be able to meet after school in addition to school club days. After school meetings will be announced ahead of time. 

    Instructions to sign up for Art Club's remind 101 is here.

  • Art Club