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    Tracy Dunn

    General Information:

    Areophagus English Honor Society is an organization to promote the appreciation of literature. Our society discusses works of literature not addressed in class, gains college class experiences, and provides services to promote awareness of literature in school. Areophagus gets its name from the hill directly behind the Acropolis in Athens, Greece; a council of 30 philosophers met there to discuss the issues of the day.


    • Must be a senior or junior with a high average, especially in English
    • Must have taken advanced English classes
    • Must have a good Reading ACT score
    • Must have good teacher recommendations
    • Must pass tests on all of the readings, attend meetings, and participate in outside-of-school projects

    Annual events include:

    • Christmas party to give books to children
    • End of the year book swap
    • Presentation of chords for seniors

    Membership fee:

    $20.00 (includes t-shirt and chord) 


    Mrs. Tracy Dunn

    Officers for 2023-2024:

    President: Aniyah Coston

    Vice President: Byrdie Coleman

    Secretary: Kamden Watts

    Treasurer: Cooper Jordan

    Chaplain: Thayer Delucca

    Historian: Samantha Mains