Soccer, Varsity Girls

Soccer, Varsity Girls

  • Varsity Coach: Dennis Jones

    Assistant Coach: Susan Ward

    Listed below are the players who were selected for the SS Women's Varsity soccer team. Congratulations for making the team.

    If you did not make the list below, I encourage you to tryout next year. If you are not currently playing on a team, find one for this spring and next fall to join. There are plenty of opportunities within the Smiths, Columbus, Opelika, and Auburn areas to get on a team and gain valuable playing experience that will help you for tryouts next year.


    2018/2019 SSHS Women's Varsity Soccer Team

    Sarah Bruce (10th)

    Carson Collins (12th)

    Ragan Floyd (12th)

    Julia Forsyth (12th)

    Mallory Green (12th)

    Madie Hovey (10th)

    Sydney Jeffcoat (11th)

    Kylie Pritchett (10th)

    Haley Ritter (11th)

    Morgan Ritter (8th)

    Deseray Stone (10th)

    Alana Tapia (9th)

    Emma Tapia (10th)

    Gracie Ward (10th)

    Shelby Watkins (11th)

    Allison Willis (11th)