Soccer, Varsity Girls

Soccer, Varsity Girls

  • Varsity Coach: Dennis Jones

    Assistant Coach: Susan Ward

    Listed below are the players who were selected for the SS Women's Varsity soccer team. Congratulations for making the team.


    2020/2021 SSHS Women's Varsity Soccer Team

    LeeAnn Bailey (10th)

    Jenna Bruce (10th)

    Sarah Bruce (12th)

    Emilee Cook (12th)

    Jessica Garrett (

    Savannah Hattaway (10th)

    Madie Hovey (12th)

    Waverly Peters (11th)

    Morgan Ritter (10th)

    Deseray Stone (12th)

    Alana Tapia (11th)

    Emma Tapia (12th)

    Kaylee Wilson (