• ACCESS Courses

    For information on Access classes, please read through the ACCESS Policy Manual, see link below or visit accessdl.state.al.us/.  The manual or website will give needed information for anyone taking an ACCESS course or has a desire to take an online course through the state of Alabama.  Each course will have a teacher, who guides their students through the curriculum of the course being taken.  The students taking a course will be able to work from home with the exception of quizzes and test.  All test must be taken at school with the Facilitator during school hours.  As grades are updated, you may view them online at desire2learn.com.  Each student will have their own login and password, just have your child log in for you.  Please view the grades from the ACCESS website and not STI.  The grades will only be posted in STI, if the course being taken has been completed.  Students should be logging into the course daily and working.  If you notice any zeroes in the grade section or 1's, your child has work to do.  If you have any questions please email: cosby.jan@lee.k12.al.us.  All emails will be answered as soon as possible Monday through Friday from 8:00 until 4:00 EST.  We look forward to working with our students, parents, and teachers.

    Important Links:    ACCESS Policy Manual      accessdl.state.al.us        desire2learn.com

    Remember to view grades through the ACCESS website.  All students have a login to access.desire2learn.com. Grades will be entered into STI when the students complete their course.