Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Robert D. Pickard


I am the Media Specialist here at Smith Freshman Center. I feel like I have come "home" to where I started my media specialist career. I started here when it was the Smith Station High School. In 2017, I came back to make "home" a better place for students and faculty to find both digital and print materials that meet their interest and learning needs.

Although I confess that I do get more enjoyment from reading the "print" version of a book or magazine, I do use technology to read for both for enjoyment and enlightment. With informational resources and productivity tools becoming more digital and internet-based, students need skills that will help them determine "what's real" and "what's fake news" as well as use digital tools like social media apps and information gleaned from the Internet both correctly and ethically. 

Being able to work in both the "print" and "digital" world makes being a media specialist my dream job. To get the "inside scoop" on my interests outside school click  "Mr. P - The Inside Scoop".

If you, as a student, parent, or faculty member, needs any information related to the SSFC Panther Media Center, please feel free to contact me at  SSFC Panther Media Center Information.