Approved Hardware List

  • Here you will find all approved hardware and software products for purchase with County and Local School Funds.  If you want to purchase something that you do not see on this page please contact Alicia Folds or Andrew Click in the Technology Department at (334) 705-4210.

    Please note: "Product Details" are informational only. All purchases need to be placed through your school's bookkeeper.

    Note to Bookkeepers: If you are making a purchase with "federal dollars", please be sure to mention national or state purchasing contract numbers on your requisition. For your convenience, the ones that are currently known and stable will be put in the line information for the product (e.g. Chromebooks). For items purchased through CDW-G, that information should automatically show up on your quote for each item, so you can place that information on your requisition. For other items, please contact the Technology Department, Ken Roberts, or the vendor for joint purchasing contract information. Thank you!

    Thank you for following these guidelines.