Logging in to Clever - Student Access to County-Wide Applications

    1. Go to the Lee County website: https://www.lee.k12.al.us/
    2. Click on the “For Students” tab, then click on the Clever icon.
    3. This will prompt students to sign in. Click on “Log in with Active Directory.”
    4. Students should log in to the Clever site using their regular Lee County username and password. For most students, their log in info is as follows:

    Username: lastnamefirstinital   (ex: pughb)

    Password: lastnamelunchnumber   (ex: pugh12345)

    If an email is required, the email is username@students.lee.k12.al.us

     Once logged in, Clever allows students to visit sites without having to sign in again


         5. If there are other sites your student needs access to that are not found on Clever, such as Splash Math or code.org, they will need           to visit that site separately and type in their unique username and password for access to that site.


    1. Please contact your student’s teacher if unable to log in or user information is unknown.


    Clever Login