• Students and parents are reminded that carbonated sugar-containing beverages (ex. Coke, 7-Up, etc.) are not allowed in our lunchroom due to federal health regulations.  No outside vendor food (Subway, McDonald's, etc.) is allowed in the cafetorium according to federal health regulations.

    Forms to apply for free or reduced price breakfasts / lunches are available in the office and here.  You will fill out one form that will cover all of your children.  You will be notified by the child nutrition program of eligibility.  Breakfast will be served between 7:10 AM and 7:45 AM (school time).  Breakfast and/or lunch money may be paid on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. For information on PayPams, a prepaid lunch account, click here.

    Remember to give your child their lunch money before it runs out, as the lunchroom staff is not permitted to charge meals for our children.