In an effort to ensure that the traffic flow is safely maintained for morning arrival and afternoon dismissal, please refer to the following tips for car rider traffic. We are dedicated to maintaining safety for students, staff, and guests to our campus. Thank you for helping us keep students and staff safe. Please follow the given guidelines:

    Morning Drop Off:

    • Arrive between 7:00-7:20 cst.
    • Once on campus, prep students to exit the car on the passenger side.
    • Pull up in line. Do not leave gaps.
    • Once traffic is stopped, all students should exit their cars and begin walking up the sidewalk towards the door on the blue car rider station.
    • Do not wait for staff to open all doors. Once traffic is stopped, it is safe for students to exit and walk to the door.
    • Do not disrupt the flow of traffic to drop your child off at the door. It is safe for your child to walk the sidewalk, and he/she should be encouraged to do so.
    • When directed by staff to go, the entire line of traffic should proceed off campus.
    • Do not stop traffic to let your child out of the car. If it is necessary to help your child, you should pull up in the side loop to help your child. However, this should not occur daily.
    • If arriving after 7:20 cst, you must park in the front parking lot and walk your child into school.
    • DO NOT drop students off and drive off in the front parking lot.  Park and walk your child into the school. Staff are not outside supervising.


    • DO NOT arrive prior to 2:30 cst. Gates do not open until 2:30 cst. It becomes a campus safety issue when cars arrive earlier than 2:30 cst.
    • Once gates open, cars should fill in the stadium side first. The line should end at the yellow gate at both ends of the lot.
    • Once the stadium lane is filled, cars should fill the lane adjacent to the school.
    • Leave no gaps between cars.
    • Cars should not be left running when parked.
    • Radios should not be played loudly enough to be heard by other cars or by indoor classrooms.
    • Cars should start once the line is cleared and all staff and students moved to the sidewalk stations.
    • The stadium lane will be dismissed first.
    • The school lane will be dismissed next.
    • Cars should exit campus by proceeding through the lower gates through the front parking lot.
    • Cars should exit right and loop around to the main road. Do not exit left behind the church.
    • Have car rider tags displayed so that staff can see your child(ren)’s name and call them to the line.
    • Look for traffic directors to stop traffic and motion you safely off campus and onto Lee Road 430.
    • Teach your child how to properly fasten their buckles. Travel times should not be delayed as parents stop to buckle students into a seat. 
    • Leave no gaps as you prepare to exit onto the main road.
    • After 3:10 cst, students should be picked up and signed out in the main office.
    • Students who are consistently late being picked up, may face extended day payments.

    We are a smoke and tobacco free campus. No cigarettes, vapes, or tobacco use is allowed once cars arrive on our campus.