Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Murray Zogg

I ama math teacher here at Smiths Station High School. This is my second year teaching here at Smiths Station but my 25th year overall in teaching. I have lived in Alabama for a little over 5 years. The first 19 years that I was a school teacher, I lived in the state of Kansas. I love it here in Alabama. I have taught all types of math classes, physics, weightlifting and conditioning, and team sports. I currently teach Algebra 2 and Math Lab. My current schedule is as follows:

1st Period       Math Lab

2nd Period      Algebra 2

3rd Period      Algebra 2

4th Period      Plan (Football and Wrestling)


I have the same schedule for both semesters this year.


I currently coach football and wrestling. I love sports and everything about them. I believe that sports teaches young people things that can't be taught in a classroom and sports and education are perfect together. I have also coached track and basketball in the past.


I am happily married to my wife Dawn Zogg of 27 years. We have five children, Aubri (26), Carina (24), Amy (22), Thor (21), and JT (18). They are all great kids and I am very proud of them. We also have 4 dogs which are also a big part of our family. 2 rat terriers named Max and Bella, 1 Jack Russell Terrier named Bingo, and a Pit Bull named Colby who is the biggest baby of them all.