• Parking Tag Procedure:

    Seniors - July 27th/28th 7:30 - 12:00 EST (payment by 26th)

    Juniors - July 29th/30th 7:30 - 12:00 EST (payment by 28th)

    Sophomores - July 31st 7:30 - 12:00 EST (payment by 30th)

    Parking zones are as follows:

    Seniors - Green Lot (1-38, 77-11, 150-184, 223-257, 297-331, 370-407)

    Juniors - Green Lot (39-76, 112-149, 185-222, 258-296, 332-369, 408-445)

    Sophomores - Blue Lot (42-81, 117-154, 190-227, 263-300, 336-373, 412-449)

    These zones will make sense when you come to the lot.

    Students/parents will need to line up outside and practice social distancing. One at a time will be permitted inside to get parking passes. All visitors MUST wear a mask to enter the building. It will be first come, first choice of parking spot; however, priority will be given to those that have already filled out the form and paid using paypams. You must know which parking spot/zone you are requesting before you come in. You will need multiple selections based on availability. It is highly recommended that all forms and payments be made using these processes to avoid unnecessary contact.

    August 7th - Personalized Parking Painting for Seniors. Payment should be made on paypams prior to arrival (Senior Parking Permit w/Artwork - located near bottom) and the form will be provided at the school.

    Please see front office for registration form

    For Senior Parking Tradition, please see link below.

    Senior Decoration Form