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Mr. Urbanz

SSHS Students super start the 2022-23 School Year!

Students and parents! The first part that I write below is more for the parents, while the 2nd half is more for the kids, and trying to figure out if I am going to be the teacher, the teacher who is going to cause me grief. Perhaps. I look forward to the day-to-day instruction and interaction with the youthful learners this Fall; all the small things that lead to helping your son or daughter grow into the person they see themselves becoming. Not only do I love teaching math and science, but I find that the more my students learn about all the world that surrounds us each day- the more they come to appreciate that hard work and commitment that carries with it some fellowship and a sense of accomplishment when learning together.

Not everyone is born to become the next Einstein- if that were the case, the world would be a rather dull place to live. Instead, I do believe students can and will do some amazing things and most find they can contribute something to the human experience in the math classroom. Either by developing an appreciation of math methods thru peer and teacher interaction- even if lessons learned are simply a by-product of learning the math content like perseverance and faith, opening the doors to have the student challenge him or herself through becoming the best possible version of themselves each day.

Whether it's by direct or indirect means, I encourage my students to make mistakes: To err is human - Of course, correcting those errors and learning from them, even if it is to Err a second or third time. When attempting to learn math and develop mathematical reasoning, it can be really difficult at times to balance suffering with success. Math is not for everyone- although math surrounds us, binds us, and makes us who we are, who we were, and who will we now become. "If it were easy all this talk about math would be a piece of cake, and everyone would be taking math and breezing through classes! without having to hire tutors!"

A bit about myself for the skeptical student or parent(more for the student)- Yes, I am Real, by the way. And feelings, believe it or not, I have it to be fun, yet a brain cell or two to know how to study math and science, and teach it or M.I.F - Make It Fun! Although today, thinking you're sitting there in my class thinking "this dude had fun?" it is hard to imagine - yes- my students- yes you are reading this! Not pleased with me because I challenged you -gave you homework to practice to be your best earlier during the day! Yes, that student I am talking to you(in the nicest tone possible), that I was also once your age too, - I haven't always had my heart set on teaching; which again is reaching for that diversity - Just harkens to the Roman Emperors of their time - what would they say looking back? "It was good for a while...we had it all, but as time passes, so does the memory of the pain- the drying up of new ideas and new experiences is the lifeblood of America- and some of us recall the immigrant in us more than others. Growing up, I was 100% certain I was on the fast track to becoming a rock-n-roll star, somewhere in between the glam band Jon Bon Jovi and Vince Neal or a throwback like Robert Plant! Those dreams were gone overnight, though, considering I never learned to play the Gibson or sing, I loved to listen. Strumming the guitar was my mom's & bro's forte- I was more attuned to being active in sports. Always loved to mix it up at practice, looking forward to a competitive scrimmage. Extracurriculars have their place in high school life in helping balance the equation; I even gave hockey and football and took the air show from the concrete driveway down to the local Y.M.C.A. Tennis and soccer were staples of high school afterschool life...without those, I would have been dreadfully board- had a pretty good neighborhood "club" back in the day 7-8 years buddy came up with the idea 

My teaching career began in late 2001 just outside D.C. in the suburbs of northern Virginia, where I taught high school physics and AP physics courses, math, and computer science for 12 years before returning to Alabama. A native of Huntsville, I moved in 2018 to be closer to my family. Since moving to "my home away from home" on the Plains, I have become much more appreciative than when I  had returned to Alabama to continue to land here at Smiths Station HS!

I look forward to keeping learning fun and positive! Kids, watch your language in my classroom. It's one thing about trying to be cute about it from time to time, but really save the language for the outside somewhere or locker room if you must.

Should you need to contact me, please text or email me. 205.578.2835  or

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