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    Lowering the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) helps you qualify for more grants and scholarships for college. Unfortunately, even though there are hundreds of ways to lower the EFC, most people just don’t know how. Let us help!


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    College is a big deal. It’s an investment in the type of life parents want for their students. But, it’s an expensive investment. The good news is...you don't have to go broke trying to send your student to the college of his/her choice. Let’s us help! 









    With $140B available in aid each year, it’s easy to assume there is plenty of money available to help pay for your student’s college education…until you do the math. Most parents are not aware that financial aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and that doing some planning to lower your EFC can position you better for more grants and scholarships for college. Let us help!