Lee County Schools Out of District Enrollment


    Out of District Enrollment Application

    Please download the application linked above and follow the included instructions for submission.

    • Rising 6th - 11th graders are eligible

    • Non-refundable tuition of $3500/semester - $7000/school year

    • Students must reside within 50 miles of 2410 Society Hill Road, Opelika, AL 36804

    • Students must provide 3 years of most recent grade, attendance, and discipline documentation

    • On-line Academic Performance Screener will be required for enrollment

    • On-line instruction will be provided - Parent/Guardian responsible for providing device and connectivity


    Lee County Schools Student Handbook - Approved 6-11-2024

    Manual del estudiante de las Escuelas del Condado de Lee - Revisado el 11-06-2024


    Lee County Schools Student Code of Conduct - Approved 6-11-2024

    Código de conducta estudiantil de las escuelas del condado de Lee - Aprobado 11-06-2024


    Excerpt pertaining to Out of District Students from Lee County Board of Education Policy 6.1.5

    m.               Out-of-District Students – Students who maintain a legal residence within the State of Alabama, outside of Lee County but within fifty (50) miles of the Lee County Board of Education Central Office, and who are not otherwise eligible to attend Lee County Schools under these policies, may be allowed to enroll as Out-of-District Students subject to and in accordance with the terms of this policy, as set out below.

    1.                  The student must be in good standing in their current school enrollment and must be a rising 6th grade student or higher.

    2.                  Enrollment will be in Lee County Schools Online Virtual Platform only. All enrolled students must provide their own computer and internet access with sufficient capability and bandwidth to reasonably receive and accommodate completion of online content, lessons, assignments, tests, and assessments.

    3.                  The student must submit an application by the deadline established by the Superintendent, which application must include all information and materials required for consideration. Additionally, the student must successfully take an online sample lesson/test with a qualifying score to demonstrate an ability to complete lessons and assignments online.

    4.                  Enrolled students shall include the student’s ranked preferences for school assignment on their application. However, assignments of all out-of-district students will be determined by the Superintendent or designee based on space and resource availability, the current location of the student’s residence, and ability to accommodate preferences for extracurricular activities. The Superintendent reserves the right to limit the total number of seats available to out- of-District Students to assure that space and resources are available at each school as required for resident students.

    5.                  Enrolled out-of-district students may participate in extracurricular programs (subject to applicable rules and guidelines of the Alabama High School Athletic Association), clubs and groups, as well as school-sponsored social events dances, graduation, etc.; provided that out-of-district students must abide by the same requirements, rules, Code of Conduct and policies which are applicable to students attending in-person classes at the school in which the out-of-district student is enrolled in the Online Virtual Platform. To the extent required by the coach, sponsor or teacher assigned to be responsible for such extracurricular activities, the out-of-district student may be required to attend certain events, practices, performances, etc. in person before, during, or after the school day, or on weekends in the same manner required of resident students.

    6.                  Out-of-district students enrolled under this policy must pay non-refundable annual tuition of $7,000 per year which shall be due on the date of enrollment or by such other date and in such other installments as may be established by the Superintendent. Out-of district students who are enrolled in January or later in any school year shall pay tuition of $3,500.

    7.                  Accepted enrollment of all out-of-district students is to be determined based on an annual application and each applicant must submit a new application for each school year. Students who have successfully completed a previous year or years of enrollment and are in good academic standing with no disciplinary infractions, shall be given priority consideration for enrollment in subsequent years, provided that space and resources are available at the school where previous years of enrollment were completed.

    8.                  All out-of-district students shall be subject to all applicable rules and requirements of the local school (other than in-person attendance) and to the Code of Student Conduct and policies of Lee County Schools. Enrolled students shall be subject to removal during the school year, or denial of an application to attend in a subsequent year, based on disciplinary issues, failure to attend to and complete online content, lessons, tests and assessments, or failure to maintain adequate progress based on the assignments given.

    9.                  Enrolled students must be able to earn a College and Career Readiness credit while enrolled in high school online classes.

    10.              Transportation shall not be provided to any out-of-district student enrolled in Lee County Schools under this policy.