Mr. Jared Gullage



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Jared Gullage

Mr. Gullage is all of the following 
(In order from least to most personal): 

1.  A WRITER: I have always enjoyed writing stories and poems for as long as I could guide a pencil across a page.  My father encouraged me by saying things like: "It is a wonderful skill to be able to paint pictures with words."  I am now a published author, poet, and escapist.  I create my own worlds and people them with interesting people.  If you wish to see, borrow, or read any of my novels, look for Jared Gullage on or  So far, as of this profile, I have four novels published. Google me to find some of my published poems, too.  I am continuing to work to produce my next published book.  

2.  A READER: As much as my students sometimes disagree about this, I firmly believe that if a person reads, that person will automatically become smarter. This is not really why I read, though.  I read because it is a privilege that free people have and can enjoy.  I read because I know the best way to lose freedom is to never read.  I read to know.  I read to learn.  I read to find myself inside new worlds and new minds.  I read because I love it.  Among my favorite genres to read: science fiction, fantasy, some historical non-fiction, children's and young adult books, books about writing, newspapers, and blogs.   

3.  AN EDUCATED MAN: I graduated with honors from Opelika High School in 1998, and I wrote the class poem for that year.  I graduated as a member of the Spanish Honor Society as well as the National Honor Society, and kept a 3.8 GPA until my master's degree program.  I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Auburn University.  Shortly thereafter, I went back to Auburn for my master's degree in English Language Arts Teaching and Curriculum.  I graduated from Auburn with a Magna Cum Laude.  I was inducted into several different honor societies.  I have also graduated from the school of experience so far, having been a substitute teacher, an after-school enrichment teacher, a summer camp counselor, a lawn care maintenance worker, an irrigation worker, and a custodian.   

4.  A MOVIE BUFF AND FILM CRITIC: I very much enjoy watching movies, and one of my favorite things to do is critique them.  I like to look at them for the quality of the storytelling, the characterizations, and the plot.  I enjoy comparing them and thinking about them.    

I also very much enjoy television, but usually only watch movies or mini-series.   I am a passing fan of some game shows, including one or two of the talent shows on television (which I enjoy with my wife if I enjoy them at all).  I very much love cartoons, though, and will often watch those I consider to have merit in either movie or show form.  

5.  A PET OWNER: Lacy (my wife) and I both love animals; to wit we (as of writing this profile) have 1 dog and 1 cat.  The dog's name is Dottie and the cat is Chloe, and they are both fantastic pets.  We consider them to be our practice children.  You will be able to see pictures of them below.  

6. A HUSBAND AND FATHER: In 2006, I married my other half: Lacy.  She, like me, is a deep-thinker, a strong-headed person, and a teacher.  Unlike me, however, she is much stricter in her dealings with students.  

In July of 2012, we gave birth to Lily Marie Gullage.  Unfortunately, complications during the pregnancy caused Lily to pass away shortly thereafter.  Lily's story is available for download below as a letter I sent to my fellow teachers.  I include it because I don't wish to talk about it much.  She was, and is, a beautiful little girl, and one day I will meet her in Heaven.  

My second daughter, Julianna Grace Gullage, was born on July 22, 2013 at 4:09 p.m. to very proud and nervous parents.  We are all learning to live together on a drastically altered schedule just now, but I could not be happier.  She is a beautiful and sweet little one, and I look forward to seeing her personality emerge. 

UPDATE 1: As of September, 2014

So far, little Julianna is a dream child.  She is emerging as a very calm and observant little creature who only cries when she is hungry or really tired.  She likes to suck her thumb and she loves to pull on my beard.  I love everything about her.  She smiles often and giggles and those are both music to my senses.  Everyday, it seems, she is learning something new, and she is growing faster than I could imagine.      

UPDATE 2: May 21, 2015

We are currently expecting Naomi Joy Gullage to come in October.  It's about to get crazy at the Gullage House, y'all, with all these women.  Julianna continues to be a wonderful, sweet, charming little girl.  I can only assume Naomi's going to be a rounder.  

My wife has changed careers as well.  She is now a Realtor.  So, if you want to move out here to Beulah, you know who to contact me, and I'll relay to her the message.  Haha!  Of course, she will sell you a house anywhere in the county, not just here. 
Naomi and Julianna are growing and learning everyday. Julianna recently danced in a competition. Naomi is becoming the queen bee in our house. 

7. A CHRISTIAN: My religious beliefs are very personal, and important, to me.  I am happy to share my beliefs with anyone who wants to have a serious, non-argumentative discussion. However, knowledge of my personal beliefs are otherwise irrelevant to my teaching career or any student's learning experience. Here is a personal statement of my faith (read or don't as you see fit): 

I am a Christian; that means: a follower of Jesus Christ of Nazareth who claimed to be the Son of The Living God as celebrated by the Christian Bible.  I believe that He died, rose again, and will judge the world.  I do believe that God loves me and wants to save my soul, and that Jesus Christ has the authority and right to guide my behavior and thoughts through prayer, reading of the Bible, and interactions with other believers.  I believe He, and He alone, has the right to determine my soul's destiny.  I believe that The Holy Trinity is a God of love, mercy, justice, and righteousness.  I worship as a Baptist, though denominational divides are practically meaningless to me.  

That all being said, my religious beliefs only extend into the classroom as far as the principles of being kind, honest, hard-working, fair, respectful, and compassionate towards others are concerned.  Otherwise, we study religious beliefs only for the purposes of understanding religion and other people's perspectives as they pertain to literature study. In no way do I expect for students to entertain the same beliefs as me to get a grade or to succeed in my class.  In fact, I am very interested to know the varying beliefs of my students in as much as they wish to share them with me and others.  

I have taught and sent along to 12th grade all of the following types of students: atheists, agnostics, fellow Christians, followers of other faiths, and people who are simply confused.  Though I do teach some things that have to do with religion and religious beliefs, I do this only to teach an understanding of perspective in as much as it pertains to literature.  Students should not be concerned about what I believe; they should understand their own beliefs instead.