• Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to my class! I am excited about what this year will bring.  The theme for our class, Communication in History: The Key to Understanding, is taken from the National History Day 2021 theme and complements the state’s College and Career Ready Standards for reading, writing, speaking and listening that aim to graduate young people who are ready to continue their education and/or begin their chosen careers.   Both are compatible with the Alabama Social Studies Course of Study goal of developing responsible citizens who are informed and active citizens. 

    High school is an amazing and dynamic time in the life of an adolescent.  High school students are inquisitive and opinionated.  Both qualities are needed as we investigate the people, ideas, and events that have changed our country and the world.  To maximize our class time, students will need to read their assignments before each class.  This will assist us in discussing and debating these historical people, ideas, and events and their impact on the world. 

    Parents, I hope you and other elders will share your knowledge and experiences with your child.  It will add to our class discussions.  If you have questions or comments, please call or email me.  My goal is your goal – the success of your child. 

    Students, your level of achievement may be influenced by others, but is determined by you.  Shoot for excellence. As Dr. George Washington Carver often said, “You have the equipment”.

    Thank you for joining me in a quest of our history – both national and international!

    Mrs. Cathy M. Jones

    It's a GREAT day to be at Loachapoka!