• Download software to home computer(s)?

    May we install Office 365 at home?

    • Office 365 does not need to be installed at home because it is cloud-based.
    • The license agreement provides each user 5 downloadable license for latest version of Office for Free.
    • You may download on home computers and mobile devices.
    • You may also deactivate a license if you not longer need it.

     Download Time

    • Approximately 30-40 minutes to complete.
    • The download installs Microsoft Office Enterprise software package.
    • Use this link to get to the page for installation at home: https://portal.office.com/Home
      • Log in using your work email address.  If you're having trouble logging in, click here.
      • Once logged in, click on "Install Office apps"Install office location
      • Follow the next instructions that you'll be provided by Microsoft.Further Instruction Screenshot


     NOTE: You may use Office 365 in the Cloud without downloading and can be used on any device.

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