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    School Medication Prescription Form:  This form should be filled out for medications to be given by the school nurse.

    Alabame Health Assessment Record:  The purpose of this form is to provide the school nurse with additional information regarding your child’s health needs.  The school nurse may contact you for further information.  The information requested is essential for the school nurse to meet the health needs of your child. 

    LCBOE Communicable Diseases:  It is important that these symptoms are recognized quickly and steps are taken to stop them from spreading to safeguard the health of all students and staff. Please review Lee County's policy on when students should remain home.

    Guidelines for School Nurse Referral: These are the guidelines teacher use in deciding whether a student should go to the school nurse.

    Meningococcal Disease:  This document provides an overview of the meningococcal disease and its vaccine.

    Influenza Disease: This document provides an overview of the influenza disease and its vaccine.

    Influenza/House Bill 381: This bill would require local school systems to provide information on influenza disease and its vaccine to parents and guardians of students whenever other health information is provided.

    Sunscreen/Senate Bill 63: This bill would specify that a student may use sunscreen at school without compliance with rules of the State Department of Education or State Board of Nursing.  Any student, parent, or guardian requesting a school board employee to apply sunscreen to a student shall present to the nurse a Parent Prescriber Authorization Form(PPA) containing a parent or guardian signature. 

    Backpack/Senate Joint Resolution 8: This resolution specifies that all school administrators, teachers, parents, and students be educated about the potential health impact of heavy backpacks and take proactive measures to avoid injury.  For more information, visit www.bacsupport.com.