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  • The Lee County Schools ARISE Foundation is a nonprofit organization designed to enhance the educational opportunities offered to each child by the Lee County School System.  The primary function of the Lee County ARISE Foundation is to raise money from corporations and individuals for the purpose of awarding mini-grant funds to staff members exhibiting excellence in educational endeavors.


    Grants will be awarded at the Teacher Institute prior to the school year.  Each Grant must be used within the school year the grant is awarded.  All grant recipients are required to complete a Grant Evaluation Form at the conclusion of the funded program.  All Grant Applications are due on May 28, 2021.

    Maximum funds for individual or group proposals are limited to $500.

    Grant Application Questions

    Project Title

    Total Budget Requested

    One paragraph summary description of your proposed grant:

    1) What are the educational objectives for this grant?

    2) Describe the process you would use in the classroom to achieve these objectives (example lesson plan, etc.).

    3) Describe who will participate? Please provide the number of students, their ages and grade levels.

    4) Please explain in detail the timeframe of this grant (one semester, one year, multiple years, etc.).

    5) What are the short-term or long-term benefits to students?

    6) Are any other organizations involved? If so, how will they be involved?

    7) How will the success of this grant be measured?

    8) Please provide a detailed breakdown of estimated expenses, including vendors, if known.


    Click here to submit your grant application.