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School officials are aware that personal dress and appearance constitutes an individual’s expression and within certain limits, wishes to allow the student the freedom to express themselves.  The faculty and administration of Smiths Station High School sincerely encourages all students to be aware that dress and personal appearance may, in a very real manner, influence the image and attitude others come to assume of you as an individual.  Therefore, we do ask that you consider reasonable judgment, tact, and decency in your selection of clothing for school and in your personal appearance.

In general, any garment, apparel, and/or type of grooming which attracts undue attention to the wearer, and which would tend to hamper the school in carrying on its regular schedule of activities, distract or disturb classes, interfere with the health of students, or disrupt the learning atmosphere in any way, are not considered permissible.  All students and parents are expected to review the Dress Code in the Lee County Student Handbook for High Schools. Specifically, the administration at Smiths Station High School will place an emphasis on the following expectations:

1.  All students should be clean, neat, and practice good hygiene each day.

2.  Shorts, skorts, and skirts are allowed with the following guidelines:

·         No shorter than 2” inches above the knee.

·         The following types of shorts are unacceptable dress (students will be sent home to change with an unexcused absence from classes missed): short shorts; cut-off sweats; bicycle shorts; unhemmed, raveled or frayed cut-off jeans.

·         Sheer skirts will be judged on the length of the solid under skirt, not the see through fabric.

·         Common sense is the best rule in choosing acceptable shorts.  If you think shorts may be unacceptable, then they probably will be.  Shorts will be allowed only as long as the student body complies with the guidelines.

3.  Hats, caps, visors, toboggans, bandannas, headbands, knitted caps, or any other type of head covering MAY NOT BE WORN at Smiths Station High School during the school day.  This includes headphones/ear buds being worn in the hallway.  These items will be confiscated immediately by an Administrator or faculty member.

4.  Pants should be neat and mended, with no holes ABOVE the knee. Yoga pants are not permitted to be worn at school – pants must have pockets.

5.  No leggings or tights may be worn as outer garments – leggings are NOT pants.  If leggings or tights are worn under shorts or skirts, the shorts/skirts must meet the required length (2 inches above the knee or longer).

6.  Blouses must have a sleeve. Spaghetti straps and sleeveless shirts are PROHIBITED.

7.  Slits in skirts or dresses may extend no higher than five (5) inches above the kneecap.

8.  The administration reserves the right to determine proper dress and take necessary action at his/her discretion.


A student whose clothing violates the dress code will be disciplined according to the standards below:

Listening Devices/Headphones (Ex. Headphones, Ear Buds, etc.) will also follow the Dress Code Standards. Teachers reserve the right to allow/disallow use in the classroom. Use in the hallways, lunchroom, etc. is prohibited.

1st offense- the student will be sent to the office and will be given the opportunity to correct the violation and parental contact. If the violation can’t be corrected, the student will be sent home or placed in ISS until a parent comes to the school to remedy the issue.

2nd offense- the student will be placed in ISS for one (1) school day and parental contact or Corporal Punishment (x2).

3rd offense- the student will be assigned ISS for three (3) school days and parental contact.

4th offense- the student will be assigned OSS for two (2) school days or Corporal Punishment (x3) and parental contact.

5th offense- Administrative discretion; possible extended placement in ISS or Alternative School.