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WSFA Weather Team

WSFA Weather Team visits BGES

Josh  Johnson and Eric Snitil's visit empowered students with knowledge.  This knowledge enabled us to take action and be prepared making us less likely to be afraid.  Josh and Eric played a game with students to get them ready for inclement weather. 

  • If you are in a trailer take action by going to a safe place (neighbor or relative's house, storm shelter, church).  
  • Find a room with no windows in the center of the house.
  • Bike helmets on our heads, shoes on our feet, blankets, pillows, snacks in your safe place.
  • Listen to the weather news and know a WATCH means the weather could be dangerous.
  • A WARNING means get in your safe place now.

BGES greatly appreciates WSFA's Weather Team enabling our students to be ambassadors for weather readiness to our community!