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Child Nutrition Mandates

As set forth within the mandates of the Alabama State Department of Education and the Child Nutrition Program, Beauregard High School strives to be fully compliant with these requirements. The goal of the Beauregard High School Wellness Committee is to insure that faculty, students, and parents are aware of the requirements that are set forth in the Wellness Plan published by the Lee County Board of Education.

We respectfull request that all individuals follow the following mandates of the policy to ensure that compliance is maintained.

  1. All foods made available on campus during the school day must comply with the current federal, state, and local requirements as established by the USDA and Alabama State Board of Education requirements.
  2. NO food is allowed to be served on campus one hour before or one hour after breakfast or lunch.
  3. ABSOLUTELY no sodas (carboniated drinks either with sugar or sugar free) are allowed in the lunchroom.
  4. Any food purchased in its original wrappings from an outside food source, (example: Subway, Hardees, McDonald’s, etc.) cannot be brought into the lunchroom unless it has been taken out of its original wrappers. It must be brought in the morning from home, in plain containers as if it was prepared at home.